Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I was thinking this morning about someone that came along and helped me out of a difficult situation. We had adopted a dog from a neighbor that passed away earlier.  Gypsy was a good dog but towards the end of her life she was having some problems getting around.  We walked her very carefully and we went over across from our house to walk and for some reason she looked at me then started to back down and we were on a hill a very steep hill with lots of trees and undergrowth and the hill went almost straight down.  She wouldn't get up when I tried to prevent her falling down the hill all the way and I wasn't in as good a position to prevent her she was a big dog. I was beginning to feel a little desperate because I was worried that she'd simply go on down and I couldn't stop her and worried that she'd really get hurt more.  I was standing there holding her and a man down the way coming up towards us and I asked for his help and he came to our aide without hesitation.  I thanked after, but didn't get his name and in this day and age of things happening and not often the stranger comes by and helps and then goes on about his way. I wanted to thank him again. We picked her up and got her up safely.  I hope that he and his family have a very Merry Christmas and thank him again for the help.
Merry Christmas to all.  Counting down four days till Christmas. The sets are but just a few from the members of Polyvore. If you would care to see more check out Polyvore on the net.

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

for Soniarose

santa won't come early this year.


My ornaments

Vintage ornament

~ Enchanted Christmas Forrest ~

Merry Christmas!!!!

Greetings from Santa Skorps

The Magic Night

Untitled #624


"Χορός στις στέγες"


3321 - Hope

3323 - a child is born

and there was a star in the east...

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! For agriculturist.



Merry Christmas for all my followers!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

The fairies have been busy getting ready for the holidays and send you there regards for a Happy Holiday and New Years.  The new one with a note about Pet Pardons was something from Facebook and information can be found at our site or the one for Pet Pardons on Facebook. They will soon have a site of there own.  If you want to see the information of the some of the animals check out the sets on Polyvore. Thanks. Want to wish everyone on Polyvore that have allowed us to post there sets/designs and hope that everyone has a great holiday.

Pet Pardons

The Magi

The Birth of the Christ Child

Surrounded by the animals and the angels the babe laid

3277 - Winter Wonder

3294 - Christmas lights

3300 - always magical

3310 - Angel

3311 - follow that star!

3318 - Les Enfants de Noel