Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Moon

It was a hot summer night the crickets were chirping and every once in a while one could hear the hoot of an owl. All was dark except the sky which was a dark blue with stars twinkling all over. The moon hidden behind the trees was out in full light. The only other sound was the sound of the stream as it flowed over the rocks and eddies in the stream bed. Then in the quiet the sound of a tiny bell not just one but several. A light a very bright light close to the ground a circle of light that
seemed to start to spread first out then along the sides of the stream. What was this light and the sound had become like music with a very mesmerizing sound. It was a dance and the dancers, fairies celebrating the summer moon. They were alone with only the sounds of the woods and the water running in the stream. The magic surrounding them one could feel at times but they are fast and the sprites that keep an eye out would warn them and they would be gone in the night air. Beautiful the fairies were, etherial and light spinning, dancing and laughing in their celebration of the summer moon. Have you ever seen a fairy ever wonder if they are really real or just part of one's imagination..

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