Monday, January 2, 2012

Finderskeepers a member on Polyvore lost her house on Xmas day due to a fire. "  I am posting an unfinished set from my drafts just to let you all know that my home went up in flames on Christmas - 3 alarm fire - I am staying in a motel and have the clothes on my back - I had to be checked and monitored for smoke inhalation for trying to extinguish the fire - managed to get my disabled son, mother and grandmother out of the house, as well as my daughter. My husband burned his hands also trying to put the fire out - we're in a motel with the clothes on our backs - so my time on polyvore will be limited for awhile until I can find us living quarters and get this mess cleaned up. Here is a link to one of many reports on the fire:" The fairyqueen's wedding set a recent one that she did to tell the members about the fire.  They are from San Jose, Ca. sure many members from that area.  I was there for a time and it's a great area.  They have some difficulties to overcome even more than the usual.  Help, prayers and thoughts are needed. Thank you.

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